Dan Lipton has released his new album titled ‘Water Rising’. Starting off as a subtle ode to Americana in the form of ‘Ten Months’, the album becomes a showcase for Lipton’s talents as a guitarist as much as a songwriter.

A powerfully subtle mix of roots based acoustic rock, ‘Water Rising’ is a troubadour’s magic caught in a Spotify bottle. Must listen.

About Dan Lipton

Dan Lipton was born and raised in DC, and after over a decade living in other cities, returned to his hometown in 2014 to woodshed his rustic tunes at the city’s now defunct gathering spot, Gypsy Sally’s. This was a place where people who cared deeply about music came together and Dan’s elegant finger picked guitar and literate vocals were informed more by this local scene than anything else.

Dan released three albums in his early 20’s with a four-piece rock band, before beginning his journey as a folk troubadour. His solo debut, Breathing In, was covered by Huffington Post, hailed as “beautifully powerful” by Groundsounds and called a “a sun-dappled, grass between the toes, slice of comfort” by Bearded Magazine. Many outlets also took note of Dan’s journeyman approach to his songwriting and he was lauded as “a master in his own field” by Famous Last Words. More than anything, the album seemed to provide a healing balm for those experiencing the transitory nature of modern living.

Dan’s forthcoming sophomore LP, Water Rising, was tracked in the attic of his house – a cramped recording space that was oddly conducive for capturing his latest batch of reflective tunes. The vibe alternates between whimsical and tempestuous, representative of the storms and floods that have defined our collective existence for the past decade.