Out of Milan, Italy come the alternative rock outfit known as Dead Behind The Scenes with their new EP, “The White EP”. A cheeky mix of alt rock/pop with a touch of off centered humor and lyrical playfulness, “The White EP” is a feel-good listen-to experience that can inspire as much as it can entertain.

About Dead Behind The Scenes:
The Test Drive: Dead Behind The Scenes - The White EPDead Behind The Scenes is an Italian Alternative Rock band born in Cassina de’ Pecchi (MI) in 2010 under the name “The Scream”. The original line-up had three of the current members: singer Dave Bosetti, guitarist Marco Tedeschi and keyboardist Lorenzo Di Blasi. After changing their name in Dead Behind The Scenes, in late 2011 drummer Chris Lusetti joined the band and they made their public debut on March 24th, 2012.

After a few concerts they won Stage Alive’s award as “Band Of The Year 2012 (under 19)”, which gave them the opportunity to record two of their songs: “Empty Skies” and “Bulletproof Soulmate”. The band kept on performing live in the Milan area between 2012 and 2013, recording a new song called “ATM” in October 2013. In January 2014 they won the “Rock Tour” (always sponsored by the agency “Stage Alive”).

In February 2014, the new bass player Valerio Romano became a stable member of the band and they kept on writing songs (such as “I Love Matt”) and playing as many concerts as possible while headlining also various local festivals. In July 2014 the band traveled to the Netherlands to play their first summer tour; by the fall of 2014 they decided to suspend the live activity in order to work on new songs. The First Half of 2015 saw Dead Behind The Scenes play very few concerts due to the time spent working in the studio. On December 14th their first EP called “White EP” was released and soon afterward they signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion.

About “The White EP”:
Imagine the monotony of the province of Milan, Italy, the gray streets and the dense fog that hides everything since the early hours of the morning. Imagine the desire to break this sense of emptiness and mutate this feelings into something artistic and angry; then take two guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, and let them scream mixing punk, electronic, rock ‘n’ roll and reggae. Add the desire for change and rebellion, coupled with that bit of nihilism that never hurts and helps keeping everyone with their feet firmly on the ground. Finally close the whole stuff in a rational and skilled production, fueled by hours spent in a dark rehearsal room. That’s the “White EP”, the first work of the Milan-based young band Dead Behind The Scenes (all members are 18/19 years old).

Five tracks full of energy and harmony, designed to celebrate the meeting between anger and sweetness. The recording sessions took place in two different locations: the rehearsal room of the C.A.G. in Cassina de ‘Pecchi, near Milan, and the bedroom of drummer Chris. The EP was finally mixed and mastered by the brilliant criminal minds of two rising stars in the music world, Lorenzo Cassi and Alessio “EgoP” Cristiano. The work is just the first part of a project that will end with the release of the “Black EP”, the nemesis of the debut CD. After all, it’s all about balance.