The Test Drive: Deplacement - CarouselThe new album from Deplacement, “Carousel”, is a New Wave journey into the art of the craft called music. The duo from Italy have taken ten tracks with emotional lyrics and have given each and every one of them a musical purpose. The album is quite serene and soothing. Not too hard and not too soft yet filled with harmony and rhythm in both a retro and new style which can be considered their signature sound. For the doubters that say electronic music is void of feeling needs to take a ride on Deplacement’s Carousel.

About Deplacement:
Deplacement is an electronic / new wave duo hailing from Italy. Their music is a very strong combination of various music generes finding its roots deeply into the 80′s. Deplacement’s influences plunge their imprint in artists such as The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Bauhaus, Christian Death and Joy Division but their music can be described as absolutely unique thanx to the touch of classical and powerful orchestrations. Their debut album is the result of a solid sound research and their concept explores the the rooms of decadent ex psychiatric hospital of Aguscello.