From the ashes of the post grunge comes Die Nerven (The Nerves). The German answer to the nü music revolution with 10 songs of sonic bliss designed to irritate your adrenal gland in such a way that you might need monitoring by a mental health professional after listening. These songs get you pumped without the need for metal driven beats and chunky muted palm riffs. They don’t have to. I suggest listening to this on a conventional stereo system. an iPod will not do it justice.

Die Nerven’s new album, “Out”, releases everywhere November 6th.

About Die Nerven:
DIE NERVEN (The Nerves) are a German-speaking post-punk/noise-rock 3- piece with a penchant for gloom and nihilism. Founded as a noisy lo-fi duo in 2010 in Esslingen near Stuttgart – South Germany – the young trio have released music on many formats of various shapes and sizes, including a 7″ on Amphetamine Reptile Records before their first physical full-length Fluidum was put out by This Charming Man Records. 2014 saw the release of the follow-up album, Fun, which was featured in almost every best of 2014 list in Germany. The band were recently chosen by Rolling Stone Germany to contribute a cover of Joy Division’s No Love Lost for the cover mount CD of their October issue, which explores the work of Joy Division and New Order, and also features covers by luminaries such as Tortoise and Codeine.

Every bit as urgent and pleasingly raucous as previous works, Out presents a new maturity, showcasing Die Nerven’s progression and sophistication in range and coherence both in the studio and on stage. Easing in gradually, Die Unschuld in Person opens with a classic post-punk jangle before swelling to the sort of signature nihilist growl that by now is a hallmark of the band’s work. After a change of pace via the Fugazi-esque Barfuß durch die Scherben and the doomed tones of Jugend ohne Geld, you arrive at the album’s summit and standout track, Dreck. As volatile as it is laden with swagger, singer Julian Knoth mounts the track as though on a pedestal, and proceeds to spit and roar with a poise and ferocity that establishes him as worthy of comparison with the greats of the genre.



Hailed as Germany’s answer to the UK’s Eagulls, Die Nerven and Out arrive ready and capable of both shoring up and evolving a much-loved genre with the uncanny ability to reinvent itself, with their latest contribution sending seismic waves to that effect.

With pedigree to spare, the band’s label Glitterhouse are attributed with discovering hot-rocking Monster Magnet and were also at the helm of the European distribution of Sub Pop records and Amphetamine Reptile from the late 80s to mid-90s, hosting a slew of influential releases from inspirational predecessors such as Helmet and Tar. That Die Nerven are the first Germanspeaking band on the Glitterhouse label is testament to the infectious nature of their aesthetic and immutable authenticity. Following standout performances at festivals such as Roskilde in Denmark, national radio playlisting in Belgium and an ever expanding fan base across Europe it’s time the British press and music lovers alike took notice of one of the best rock trios in around.