Distance Dealer have released their new album titled ‘Mind Dawns’. Openly sporadic where it counts and mindfully brooding where it means to be, ‘Mind Dawns’ is that introvert’s angst and electrolushness wrapped in a spiked dildo ready to penetrate your mind.

About ‘Mind Dawns’

It’s almost ridiculously simple: Both artists, Desant and Donat, deliver what we can expect from them, their songs sound like a collaboration between Phantoms vs Fire and Vlimmer. Desant’s tropical, yet seething synths, his orchestral arrangements and the urban drums go hand in hand with Donat’s melancholic, lamenting and floating postpunk/wave/goth vocals. “Mind Dawns” is as much a faraway magical forest as it’s an underground electronic club of some dystopic metropole, were ashes are raining from an orange sky. Cinematic and personal, synthetic and emotional.