Eastern European Music Academy has released the new compilation album for 2020 today (November 30).

They say that, in order to learn from the past we must prepare for the future. What better example than to take the artists of tomorrow and give them a voice today. And what a choral set of diverse and creative voices we have in this compilation. Talent is fed as much as it is taught, and here we have 5 unique and diverse examples. This is a must have collection for 2020.

About Eastern European Music Academy

This is a huge project that saw the Eastern European Music Academy uniting 50 students from the whole region to study and write music together over the last 3 months.

The project became much bigger than just another online course — during the Summertime all the Belarus students received significant support from their peers. Later, October events inspired three female students from Poland, Hungary, and Estonia to join forces fighting against the abortion ban in a creative way so they wrote a girl-power manifesto with a strong message.

“We are extremely proud of the outcome from our first digital academy. First, our target was to update the knowledge about the music business of our students during the pandemic times. But we ended up being not only classmates but a music family, supporting each other and reflecting on all those crazy events happening in the world. Now it’s not only about helping the music industry, but also about changing the European society in general,” — says Alona Dmukhovska, co-founder of Music Export Ukraine and co-curator of the Academy.

Eastern European Music Academy is the first educational and networking project aiming to unite the whole region. It helps musicians and their managers, who want to overcome the live industry crisis to dive into income generation opportunities for the music business in current realities. Besides, it creates a community of like-minded people, who seek to expand their operations to the whole Eastern European region and what to collaborate on the international level.

Mentors of the Academy are music professionals from all over Europe who have experience working with major labels, successfully developing their own music business, or are the first contact to enter international unions and music associations.

The full Eastern European Music Academy’s Compilation 2020 will be released on November, 30th and consists of 5 tracks all of which are unique in their own way:

  1. End Is Near – Ferko, Rostany, Vic Villian
  2. Don’t Play The Fool – Karo Glazer & Zsud
  3. Game – Three Months Later
  4. Zara Sa – Moinka Bhola, Andru Namaste
  5. When I’m Gone – Bogdan Belyaev, Radu Caragea, Max Paragraph, and Artur Lisnyi