1. Oh Boy! Electric Sheep 1:00
  2. Headscrew Electric Sheep 1:00
  3. Premonition Electric Sheep 1:00
  4. Talent Wasted Electric Sheep 1:00
  5. Holy Roman Empire State of Mind Electric Sheep 1:00
  6. For Lilith Electric Sheep 1:00
  7. Magic Thoughts Electric Sheep 1:00
  8. Mama's Little Bonsai Electric Sheep 1:00

Eclectic at the core and enigmatic in execution, Electric Sheep have recorded an obscure masterpiece that is part rock, part shock, strongly solid and presented with a lucid fascination for popular music with “The Exciting New Sounds of Electric Sheep”. These new sounds are not only exciting but captivating. Each track contains their own set of unique hooks and riffs that showcase a different aspect of the collective talent that is Electric Sheep.

About Electric Sheep
Electric Sheep are dual singer-songwriter fronted Psychedelic Pop from Chicago. Rooted in 60s pop song craft, E-sheep often scale back to hooky groovy psych.