Elizabeth The Second has officially dropped their new EP titled ‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’. This set of songs is a modern guitarist’s dream to listen to. The riffs are varied and ethereal, to say the least. Combine that with a solid rhythm section and fresh vocals and you have that modern magic that shows Elizabeth The Second is first in new music.

‘Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five’ was released on November 9.

About Elizabeth The Second

Elizabeth The Second is Ben Moro (guitar and vocals), Michele Venturini (bass guitar) and Luca Gallato (drums). Their music is influenced by The Clash, Blur, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, and The Stone Roses.

Their music is full of swagger and spunk – a rhythmically pounding piece with a vintage atmosphere that gets your blood pumping about what comes next – the perfect soundtrack for a night out on the town or an adrenaline-filled drive. Sonically, this music blends classic garage rock with punk and grunge accents. Frontman Ben Moro takes his vice to the boiling point, wavering between delicate parts and biting screams.

Formed in mid-2018 in Padova, northern Italy, this trio was born of shared excitement over music and its creation. The desire to return to play together between Ben and Michele’s old friends, were interested in playing together again after a significant gap, but it wasn’t until they met up with Luca that they found the magic formula for the band’s genesis.

The ‘Two Margaritas at The Fifty Five’ EP is a journey through impulsive sounds, seasoned with a captivating melodic compartment. It was recorded at the Hypnoise Recording Studio under the careful supervision of sound engineer Filippo Galvanelli and mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Mastering Studio (Muse, Afterhours, Verdena, Calibro 35, Nic Cester).

This EP references everything that has been essential and musically formative for the trio – strong influences from the 90s and 2000s mesh tastefully with sounds borrowed from The Stone Roses and The Clash. Here, punk, grunge, indie rock, and Britpop blend together under the clear influence of classic UK rock. The guitars are raw, well-marked by the amps’ saturated and incandescent tubes, amalgamated by a pressing rhythmic compartment, sometimes on the frontiers of dance. The lyrics are inspired by the band’s daily experiences and the most impulsive and hidden outbursts, transformed into a stream of consciousness.

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