Empty City Squares has released their new album titled ‘The Disappearing Architect’. Starting off with a solid track and continuing that rare feat of #indie quality, ‘The Disappearing Architect’ is a varied mix of hook and songwriting diversity with deep roots in rock and pop. The emphasis is songwriting. This is an album filled with singles. Leave it on and let it play. Hell, let it play in the background. It will distract you from your working from home.

About Empty City Squares

Fresh of, of a round of accolades for 2019’s ‘337’ album, Empty City Squares shows no sign of slowing down in either craft or ambition. ECS main man John Fotadis (AKA “Yanni” to his friends), has written a new Empty City Squares album, ‘The Disappearing Architect’. The album is largely a musical response to an astonishing media farce and bias he experienced firsthand in mid-2018. ECS is the sometimes-full-band, sometimes virtual alias of Yanni, who’s an architect by day, a songwriter and mult-instrumentalist by night, and a renaissance man the rest of the time.

Over the last 20+ years when not designing buildings, or drawing and painting, he has written and recorded music for independent films, theatrical productions, TV shows and podcasts, most notably Gilbert Gotried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. Yanni loves old school rock and roll, and is hugely influenced by the decades of rock and pop music that have come out of the UK. His original music, at times, has been called a blend of power pop, indie and art rock. He likes to call it “thinking man’s rock”