1. Demons Fiona Brown 0:30
  2. Wisdom Fiona Brown 0:30
  3. Speak My Mind Fiona Brown 0:30
  4. Used To Be Blind Fiona Brown 0:30
  5. Sweet Love Fiona Brown 0:30

Singer songwriter Fiona Brown is inspired by roots, rock and soul music and her latest EP ‘Demons’ sees her embracing these influences wholeheartedly. Demons represents a coming of age for the multi-instrumentalist who says she’s finally writing and producing the music she’s always wanted to.

Brown’s debut single ‘Wisdom’ was launched to critical acclaim in her home country of Belgium, with debut EP ‘Demons’ set to to take her music much further afield. Growing up with the benefit of a rich blend of cultural influences is something Fiona feels adds to her creative inspiration.

The songs on ‘Demons’ are dreamy, dark at times, but also drenched in a search for freedom; artistical freedom to create something from scratch to finish. “It has always been my dream to make my own record” Fiona explains. “An EP on which I’d play and create everything myself. The process of turning an idea and a few lyrics to completely arranged songs was very challenging but I made it. And I’m so happy about it.”

Live Dates:
Apr 7 – Paul’s, Düsseldorf, Germany
Apr 8 – DEIA, Neuss, Germany
May 25 – Maastricht, Netherlands, supporting Daan