1. My Void Fiona Brown 0:30
  2. Stalkers Fiona Brown 0:30
  3. Mundane Fiona Brown 0:30
  4. Siren Fiona Brown 0:30
  5. Fight The Fight Fiona Brown 0:30
  6. Shiver Fiona Brown 0:30
  7. Eternal Youth Fiona Brown 0:30
  8. LFF Fiona Brown 0:30
  9. Head Down Fiona Brown 0:30
  10. Know (No) More Fiona Brown 0:30
  11. Restricted Fiona Brown 0:30
  12. Beautiful Misery Fiona Brown 0:30

Fiona Brown is set to drop her new album titled ‘Mundane’ on May 28th. A layered album, to say the least, ‘Mundane’ is anything but. Coming from extreme and unlimited inspirations, that leaves a feeling of ‘the sky’s the limit’ vs ‘the limit’s the sky’. Having said that, there is an almost sense of awe from Fiona as I feel that she really wonders for the music and is truly captivated by all music. And that shows in ‘Mundane’, as we get an ethereal world of bright dreams and dark vistas. This is a concept as much as it is an album.

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About Fiona Brown

Mundane opens with an industrial beat with layered synths and soft vocals on first track ‘My Void’, also the album’s first single which was realsed last year. ‘Stalkers’ is the next song on which also happens to be the second single to introduce the album.

Unlimited beliefs form the inspiraton to the songs Brown wrote for Mundane. Twelve songs that each express one of the many things we deal with in life but Brown likes to look at them from an extreme perspectve.

‘Beautful Misery’ is the last song on the album and starts of with a lingering melody. The essence of this hypnotising soundscape is a poem played backwards, because looking back we’ll find the inspiraton to move forward. Fiona Brown worked with musicians Neil Fraser (Tinderstcks), Simon Casier (Balthazar), Steven Van Gelder (Geike) and Tom Barbier (Ozark Henry).

The album was mixed by Staf Verbeeck at Stf Studio and mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering with artwork provided by Herman Houbrechts (Beeldzorg) and Guy Kokken.

After the release of her EP Demons (Dec 5, 2016) Fiona toured Europe as the support of Stuart A. Staples, Tinderstcks and Daan. Demons was the start of Brown’s solo project intended to create something entrely by herself without being infuenced by other people.

My Void (Nov. 27, 2020) was the first single to be released as a precursor to debut album Mundane (May 28, 2021). The song was playlisted on Radio 1 (BE), BBC Music Introducing Oxford and Sheppey FM as well as YMX Radio London. The following single Stalkers (Mar. 19, 2021) – inspired by the movie Stalker by flmmaker Tarkovsky and a documentary on real stalkers on their way to Pripyat (Chernobyl) – establishes the new sound that Brown has been exploring with her husband and producer Staf Verbeeck and sets the tone for Mundane. The debut album reflects on society, the way it appears to the writer.