The Test Drive: Gatherer - Heavy HailGatherer are a band from Melbourne, Australia and they are releasing a new album titled “Heavy Hail” on August 7th. Part Industrial. Part Heavy. Part Pop. Part EDM. All substance. This album does not let up at all. Gatherer are proving themselves to be master of the hook with catchy grooves laced throughout every melody infected track. From the Industrial tinged opener “Amrala” the album really kicks off with “Killer” and does not let up. Gatherer seems to take pride in their songcraft while infusing the roughness necessary to keep the ears at attention level. As a whole, “Heavy Hail” stays on the verge of becoming an elegant mess while retaining the pop/prog sensibility it needs to retain your primal interest.

Hot spots are “Killer”, “The Machine”, “Spaceman”, and “High Fives”.