This is a brooding, haunting and eclectic masterpiece. Imagine the directorial talents of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick being sucked into a translation matrix and coming out as music. That is Hackmonocut.

About Hackmonocut:
The dark soul of Austrian musician Hackmonocut’s music produces a feeling of melancholy, driven by humming, distorted rock guitars, creating his ‘alternative rock noir’ sound. ‘The Sum of My Parts’ is a collection of dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism, which tell of love, murder, and failed politics.

Hackmonocut began in 2012 as a single man show. A busy year of songwriting and home recording followed, culminating in the release of his eleven track debut album ‘In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms’.

Second album ‘The Sum Of My Parts’ will be released on 14th August 2015. The new tracks focus more on love and murder than politics. The album is rages less but offers uncompromising dark alternative rock songs.

Hackmonocut – vocals, instruments

Live Band:
Hackmonocut – vocals
Martin – guitar
Mr. Woolph – guitar, strings
Glenn – bass
Phil – drums