Swirling, dreamy pop hooks accentuated with the haunting sounds of a Farfisa organ cloak the sombre and sardonic musings of former Fuck Knights guitarist and Nightinghales front man Ben Bachman in his new project, High Tiny Hairs.

This EP lays bare and showcases Bachman’s stylistic influences, the likes of Alex Chilton, Brian Eno and Syd Barrett, with a short set of self-produced releases.

The songs, bouncing between sixties Baroque pop and the new psychedelic movement of the early eighties, are mesmerisingly elegant and poetically dark, yet quirky, and romantic. The Minneapolis based singer/songwriter evokes a hazy, late night tête-à-tête with his ghosts.

“Ben Bachman is High Tiny Hairs, and I’m kind of taken with this song, off the recent self-titled EP. It’s short, it’s simple, and it has one of those meat and potatoes, could have happened any time in the past 40 years guitar riffs, that just sounds really good when you turn it up, so, let’s do that…”
Don’t Need No Melody

High Tiny Hairs EP will be released on limited edition cassette and digital download August 24th.


Sir Gregory Records SGR1967-D