1. First Sun Hook Turns 1:00
  2. Same Old Mess Hook Turns 1:00
  3. Multitudes Hook Turns 1:00
  4. Not a Sound Hook Turns 1:00
  5. Inland Sea Hook Turns 1:00
  6. If I Can Make It Home Hook Turns 1:00
  7. Robotic Nights Hook Turns 1:00
  8. Better Days Hook Turns 1:00
  9. Second Zodiac Hook Turns 1:00
  10. Las Manos Hook Turns 1:00

Eclectic at the core and creative all the way to the top, Hook Turns new LP “Night Shifts” accomplish a complex yet serene journey musically with each and every song. Each track captures a moment, not just from the songwriter, but for the listener as well. This is an album that soothes the soul and captivates the heart with every well-placed note and melody. And that is a rare thing!

“Night Shift” is out now and available for purchase HERE.

Night Shift
Night Shift

About Hook Turns
“Hook Turns’ debut album “Night Shift” is a brilliant collection of indie rock bliss that draws from a heavy singer/songwriter point of view. Headed by Australian musician Andrew Bonnici, the album displays a unique brand of intensity and charm on songs like “Same Old Mess” and “Multitudes” and you really get a sense of sincerity and the experiences that went into crafting the record. “Inland Sea” has an undeniable flair that’s full of catchy melodies that one could easily link to the Jesus And Mary Chain or The Smiths but with an underlying country feel, while “Las Manos” is nothing short of epic.

When asked about his process for making the album, Bonnici says “Night Shift” was recorded in my country studio, an old hall in the farming town of Elmore, located 2 hours north of Melbourne Australia. The album was self-produced and the recording was done in the middle of the night. I’ve also worked night shift for the past 12 years, so the album explores the space and time between sundown and a waking world.” “Night Shift” has all the makings of a classic as the passion and fire that’s projected throughout the songs are sure to win over fans from around the globe.”

SOURCE: Official Bio