Inhaler Collective have released their new album titled ‘Hunger’. That initial listen gives that smooth underground jazz club with a smokey room and a malt scotch in a short glass. Adding to the flavor are the mainstream styled hooks interlaced with the classic jazz tones and butter-smooth audio bravado rarely seen in the scene. Think Weather Report meets Sting and you’re getting warm.

About Inhaler Collective & ‘Hunger’

Inhaler Collective is a group of musicians built on Joe Atkinson’s original concept to create an ever-evolving Soul Jazz /Vintage Pop group, featuring various vocalists and a DIY production. The group is spread across Liverpool and London but has an international sound. The debut album ‘Hunger’ was released on July 1st digitally and a physical release is also on the way.

‘Hunger’ sounds like it was made in a cocktail bar in 1968 and the album David Axelrod & Dj Shadow never made and that is something to be celebrated, pass me a mojito.