1. Or Anyone Jack Hardy 1:00
  2. We Should Have Never Come Back Here Jack Hardy 1:00
  3. Olive Jack Hardy 1:00
  4. Sleep, Always Jack Hardy 1:00
  5. Hole in The Jack Hardy 1:00
  6. I Feel Jack Hardy 1:00
  7. They Were Melting Jack Hardy 1:00
  8. For the Sake of Finding Your Clothes Jack Hardy 1:00
  9. Sister Jack Hardy 1:00
  10. Wives Jack Hardy 1:00
  11. And They Were All Alike Jack Hardy 1:00

Jack Hardy continues the evolution of his revolution with his new album “For The Sake Of Finding Your Clothes”, due for release tomorrow. And to say that he has evolved would be a massive under-evaluation. Jack has a massive sound, and that is totally evident in “For The Sake Of Finding Your Clothes”. In a way, it harkens back to the days of Phil Spector before he went batshit crazy (i.e. 1960’s) with his “wall of sound”. Normally this would sound cliché, but Jack pulls it off with a combination of homage and originality.

What really shines, for me, are the hooks. And they are a plenty! Every song has a memorable and thoughtful hook that brings each song to a magical crescendo that today’s radio, honestly, does not deserve to play. Yes, it’s that good.

“For The Sake Of Finding Your Clothes” will be released tomorrow (April 15, 2016) via Custom Made Music.