Joel Ansett has today premiered his new EP titled ‘I Should Get Some Rest’. From the hear that is worn on the sleeve comes songs of introspection and reflection with a touch of regret and remorse. Of what is up to the listener, yet Joel speaks of personal weariness and longing. And that is what makes this collection of songs all the more personal.

Written from places we’ve all been and recorded inner space we all find ourselves, ‘I Should Get Some Rest’ is that companion in the loneliness and that voice that lets us know that we are not the only one. We all need someone, and we all feel that. These songs also let us that we do have someone, we just don’t know that. Sometimes we just need the rest to figure that out.

About Joel Ansett & ‘I Should Get Some Rest’

Joel Ansett’s new EP, I Should Get Some Rest, is a collection of songs about weariness. On the last song of his latest full-length album, Ansett sang the line “weary of the wars I can’t escape” and this EP turned out to be a deeper dive into what some of those wars are for Ansett.

Ansett recalls not intentionally writing around the theme, but soon came to the realization that every song on the EP has a tired consonance. Tired of loud noises. Tired of his own brokenness. Tired of hoping for things and being let down. Tired of being worried. “The final song in the collection resolves a lot of the angst by moving my attention away from myself and onto a still small voice that is much different from the “voices, lights and loud noises” named in the first track” It’s a voice that Ansett describes as sometimes hidden, but always there, inviting him to rest and find hope in something other than his own ability.

Hailed as a “songwriter to watch” from The Huffington Post, Ansett showcases his thoughtful songwriting and unique voice that continues to win fans. American Songwriter has described Ansett’s music as “display[ing] his ability to blend folk and R ’n B together with gentle aplomb” (American Songwriter). Ansett has found fans all over the country with more than 12 million streams online, a song placed in Marvel’s “The Punisher”, and a spot at #9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart for his debut LP The Nature of Us (2015).

Ansett followed up his first album with the release of A Place I Knew Before (2019) which was described as “Striking a careful balance that only comes with great intention, A Place I Knew Before blends sonic experimentation with strong songwriting, but more deeply places grief and hope side by side” (Marquee Mag). His sound has also been hailed as “the sonic lovechild of John Legend and The Tallest Man On Earth” (The Huffington Post) and showcases Ansett’s individuality in an over-saturated industry of singer-songwriters.