Karolina Rose today premieres her new EP titled ‘Rosemary’ right here on Jammerzine. From the first track, ‘Greytopia’, you get that sense of not only accomplishment but an enthusiasm for the music by the artist herself. This is very important, in my opinion, because that accomplishment and enthusiasm translate into stellar music by an accomplished artist that loves music herself. Karolina is as much a music fan as she is a musician and it shows in every track.

You can also say that each song has not only its own personality but its own set of unique hooks that set each track apart while keeping them together as a collective. Together in sound and individual in scope and breadth makes ‘Rosemary’ an EP you wish was an album.

‘Rosemary’ is out as of today on most digital platforms.

”Rosemary’ is my middle name. It’s my second project with the world getting to know me a little more as an artist. I worked on all the music with producer Elliot Jacobson in NYC. The EP cover is a collage of all the single artwork. Each song has its own theme and color to fit the vibe. Rosemary is a visual EP album of four different aspects of myself. The overall theme of the album is Love & Healing. What else is more important in life? Rosemary is an embodiment of who I am—my thoughts, inspirations, and life experiences.

It was all once a part of me, but what parts did I let go of and what do I hold on to? Each song has its own story and thus I made it into a visual album, with each song connecting in that we filmed all four storylines on a 10-trip to Croatia with two dear friends, Laura Escalante (art director) and David Millington (cinematographer).’
– Karolina Rose

Here’s a link to the visual album: https://smarturl.it/rosemaryvisualalbum. The visual album is a must-see, to say the least!

About Karolina Rose

Karolina Rose is a Polish-American artist who’s called NYC, LA and various parts of Europe home over the last decade. She’s been turning heads with her wide-screen pop that perfectly soundtracks the Blade Runner-esque future descending on us all too quickly.

Karolina Rose is a Polish-American artist with her heart currently based somewhere between LA, NYC and Europe. Often compared to artists such as Kate Bush, Amy Lee and Florence Welch, Karolina displays her unique brand of ‘noir rose pop’: alluring, seductive and layered, in her latest single « Objection » from her sophomore project produced with Elliot Jacobson (Allie X, Elle King, Vérité).

Karolina’s debut EP INVICTA was released in February 2019, merging themes of human strength, courage, and determination with vivid electronic production by famed producer Andros Rodriguez (Madonna, Shakira, Florence & The Machine). 2019 also saw Karolina make her Polish primetime television debut, playlisted by over 150 radio stations in the U.S., plus ink a licensing deal with MTV, E!, Netflix, A&E, TLC, and The Discovery Channel as well as a publishing deal with The 411 Music Group.

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Emerging from her sacred garden, she decided to express herself openly in song. Under a pale, crystal light, she began busily and dutifully pouring her passion into her poetry and melodies, inspired by her own transformation and sudden plunge into another world. She gave herself entirely until her heart burst. And then, she picked up the pieces and rebuilt herself, over and over.

She continues to turn the other cheek. Her songs aren’t sad. They are more of a soul-searching journey with evident depth derived from both relatable life experiences and a learned mind. With her force-of-nature vocals, Karolina Rose is dark daydream soul pop made out of fine poetic prose mixed with emotive, feminine power.