‘American Songbook’, the new album by Kenny Dubman, is just that. A true American songbook. In its truest sense of the term. Yet, unlike his last album, ‘Reckless Abandon‘, Kenny takes the stripped-down route and keeps it to just he and his guitar. And the payoff is huge. ‘American Songbook’ is the perfect bookend and 180° about face to ‘Reckless Abandon’ yet just as good in every single way and for very different reasons.

The raucousness and electric dirt, are still there. As is the personality Kenny puts in every song. This could have been a mirror of the last album. But this is much more intimate in execution and stylistically sincere and, that is the mark of a true songwriter. The new album is proof positive that Kenny Dubman can cross genres and still keep his originality intact.

About Kenny Dubman & ‘American Songbook’
“American Songbook” is a collection of brand new songs from guitarist/singer/songwriter and NJ native Kenny Dubman. Captured live and unplugged at Asbury Park’s Wonder Bar, this new material packs a punch both musically and lyrically. Hard-hitting rockers, relaxed groove ballads, and songs about the reality of life’s struggles all combine for a listening experience with a lot of heart and depth. Kenny’s second album, “American Songbook” sees this artist taking a more define-able and identifiable direction with his songwriting….though traces of his 70’s rock influences are still apparent. “Since all my writing is done on an acoustic guitar, I figured why not present these songs in their pure form, exactly as they came out of my head?”, he says.

“I wasn’t 100% sure it was going to be the right choice until I cranked the entire disk in my car on a long drive….then I knew. There’s a lot of raw energy and power, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result”.

Check out “American Songbook”, the latest release from a breakout songwriter that simply needs to be heard.

SOURCE: Official Bio