Kostis Chaveles has released his new album “A Mad Tea Party” which, believe it or not, was recorded in his apartment. What makes that so, so very impressive is that this album has all of the polished slickness that one would expect from a major label endeavor while retaining all of the dirt and sincerity of a talented and weathered artist. I would compare Kostis, as both a songwriter and a musician, to the solo era Nuno Bettencourt because he shows all of the signs of an artist venturing out and testing his limits. Plus the songs are amazing!

“A Mad Tea Party” is out now via Custom Made Music!

About Kostis Chaveles
Well, making music is always a therapy for me. I’d play the sounds and chords, then colours and scenes drift into my head.

My songs are often affected by what can be “heard” and “seen” (mainly pictured in the mind). Also, I like to keep titles and lyrics abstract. My music has its own thoughts and message, but I don’t want to impose it onto the listener. I want everyone to freely imagine what they will from the music.