1. Absolution KPT 0:30
  2. White Crosses KPT 0:30
  3. Gift KPT 0:30
  4. Innermost KPT 0:30
  5. Give Up KPT 0:30
  6. Obliterate KPT 0:30

KPT has today released the new album titled ‘Obliterate’. Featuring a dark and somewhat dystopian sound overall, ‘Obliterate’ is an industrial opus filled with dissolution and interpretations of dark emotions. The stark noise is drowning and a soundscape to that introvert within us all located between desolation and absolution. Best heard in a dark room with earphones and a cigarette.

About ‘Obliterate’

Coming on the heels of DARK.HOUSE, Minneapolis-based KPT unveils his latest work, Obliterate.

Six songs in length, Obliterate plays like an anthology of KPT’s darker and heavier output to date. With a tracklisting touching on deeply personal themes of addiction, relationship issues, and ultimately, loss, the EP is also his most revealing and affecting.

Including two brand-new singles, “Absolution” and title track “Obliterate”, the remainder of the EP has been carefully curated from singles which have never seen an official release. Uniquely, each song traces back to an opportunity lost, which would have otherwise relegated the material to digital rot.

Obliterate is an apex in the dark electronic artist’s evolving catalog, and a must-have for collectors of hard techno and industrial music.

About KPT

In defiance of industry saturation, Minneapolis-based KPT (pronounced “KEPT”) has established himself as one of few definitive players in dark electronic music. From his first single receiving Grammy recognition to being lauded in review as “brilliant”, “fiercely intelligent” and “weirdly wonderful”, KPT is “forging an ethereal aural experience all his own”.

Focusing on the oft-overlooked live performance aspect of electronic music, KPT composes original arrangements for events, constructing his official releases using elements pulled directly from those performances. KPT is also one half of the internationally-acclaimed deathpop duo DEATHDANCE.

KPT has performed and collaborated with the likes of Die Antwoord, Justice, The Orb, Blanck Mass, Alan Sparhawk of Low, Kirin J Callinan, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, Malaa, Martin King of Test Dept and Pigface, Hate Dept. and many more.

Releasing worldwide on limited edition MiniDisc and digital on July 2nd, pre-order KPT’s latest, Obliterate now and receive lead single immediately.