Lazy Queen have just released their new album, “Drift” via Pacific Trash Records and, in doing so, have raised the bar in garage rock with 4 powerful anthems dedicated to the new angst of youth. These are literally four tracks of sonic journeys laden with lush hooks and melodies to light your way to the end. The sad part is, well, there’s an end. Lazy Queen’s name is a bit of a misnomer because, after listening to “Drift” over the past few days, I know they are far from lazy when it comes to their music.

The Test Drive: Lazy Queen - DriftAbout Lazy Queen:
Brooklyn based Lazy Queen were started as a recording project by Henrik Soeberg and Reyson Morales in early 2014. After recording and releasing their debut EP on their own they were approached with more and more exciting live opportunities and found themselves in need of a full band to execute the recordings. Enter bassist Julian S, back-up vocalist Deborah Kvam and drummer Joel Gunderson.