Through the magnesium glare of the London night come LFM, AKA Loose Fruit Museum, a London-based five-piece whose red-blooded rock is born of myriad guitar-wielding influences from both sides of the pond. Blending the Southern-fried electric soul of the Black Crowes with the melodic post-grunge of the Foo Fighters and the attitude of The Jam, LFM pitch up somewhere between Kings Of Leon and the Manics, turning their hand as easily to earthy garage as to widescreen power-emo. Through tough and poignant vocals, riotous beats, propulsive dual guitars and a prominent organ (and we’re not referring to the drummer’s former career in porn movies), LFM, comprising Conal (voice and guitar), Ali (guitar), Phil (keys), Ev (bass) and Tony (drums), have crafted their own vigorous sonic shtick. And, encapsulating the adventurism that courses through this band, frontman Conal once sailed across the Atlantic; given the universal scope of LFM’s roisterous melodies, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be travelling by private jet.

Loose Fruit Museum’s new album ‘In The Room’, which will be released on Ciao Ketchup Recordings on 23 March.