Drive for about an hour and a half in a north, northeasterly direction out of Soho in Central London and you’ll find Nazeing. The home of Hillgrove Business Park, Bumbles Green Leisure Centre and 25-year-old singer-songwriter Luke Godfrey.

It’s where Luke began writing songs, singing and playing drums whilst at the Broxbourne School, he was drumming in his first band by the age of 14 and gigging around the UK from age 15. After school, he moved on to study an Artist Development course at ‘Access to Music’ in Stratford, East London where he was classmates with a now very successful and world famous ginger songsmith.

By age 18 having played hundreds of gigs behind the drums, on backing vocal duty and honing his bombastic drumming skills he decided that it was in singing and songwriting that he had found his calling. So at the age of 19 through a random meeting, he packed up and moved to Kristiansand in Southern Norway to become the frontman and guitarist of a band. After a few years of hard gigging in Scandinavia and working on his craft as a frontman, singer, and guitarist, it was time to return to the green grass of Nazeing.

Now Luke is going it alone with his debut EP, ‘Brainwashed’.

Recorded at Silvertown Studios in Norway, with the help of his old bandmates, Luke is on vocals, guitars, drums, and percussion.

The ‘Brainwashed’ EP is out on May 4th, 2018.