1. Kuku Lele Magnifico 1:00
  2. Ya Mustafa Magnifico 1:00
  3. Technique Magnifique Magnifico 1:00
  4. Goodbye Devushka Magnifico 1:00
  5. So Lonely Magnifico 1:00
  6. Tivoli (Shabadaba Mix) Magnifico 1:00
  7. Cici Mici Magnifico 1:00
  8. Dalmazia Magnifico 1:00
  9. I'm the Man Magnifico 1:00
  10. Ay, Ay Magnifico 1:00
  11. I Think (live) Magnifico 1:00
  12. Hir Ai kam, Hir Ai Go (live) Magnifico 1:00

A major star in Solvenia with a succession of huge hits across mainland Europe, Magnifico, is the Balkan’s answer to both Harry Belafonte and Dean Martin.

It’s a bold claim, but Magnifico’s status as chansonnier, Balkan chameleon and bonafide musical hero is cemented, not only through the release of ‘Here I Come, Here I Go’ a track that has to date earned over ten million views on YouTube, but also through his iconic status among the European LBGT community who regard the musician as one of their strongest allies and champions. Magnifico’s work with transexual vocalists Sestra inspired debate across Slovenia, culminating in parliamentary debate.

Latin, Reggae, Surf and traditional Balkan music combine to create Magnifico’s unique sound, which is inspired by the genre of ex-Yugoslav ‘Schlager’ (broadly translated as Pop hits). Gloriously refreshing and more than a little tongue in cheek, Magnifico’s music has featured in Slovenian and Serbian films, as has he as an actor in numerous leading roles.

The video for lead track ‘Kuku Lele’ (a Slavic saying meaning “when the shit hits the fan” ) features Sylvia, Magnifico’s pet lamb in a Lynchian inspired setting, lending itself to the surrealism that Magnifico employs to such great effect. Much of the album is delivered in both Slovenian and English, ensuring Magnifico’s unique artistry is accessible to an increasing number of fans worldwide as word spreads.

‘Charlatan De Balkan’ will be released on 2nd September 2016.