Mantis and the Prayer drop the new EP/Double AA Single titled ‘Murder Ballad and the Blue’. The first track, titled ‘I Know you’, is a sonically diverse yet subtle track with a somber vocal track coupled with layered guitar and an almost light orchestral with cinematic flare. Almost done in a way as to enhance the meaning of the lyrics, ‘I Know You’ is a melancholic soliloquy for the isolated.

‘Go Too Far’, while appearing more upbeat, is just as melancholic in emotion but from a different creative angle. With more of an upbeat demeanor, ‘Go Too Far’ achieves originality with subdued sound effects and an original chord progression that chugs away with the beat.

About Mantis and the Prayer

Enigmatic Rock band Mantis and the Prayer are returning with a AA side single release, ‘Murder Ballad and the Blue’ which features the songs ‘I Know You’ and ‘Go Too Far’ which are written on themes of tragedy and disconnection. The EP juxtaposes the melancholy subject matter with Pop sensibilities and upbeat catchy rhythms. The vocals capture the drama and energy of Mantis and the Prayer, who cite Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie as influences.

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Always filling their songs with emotional storytelling, Mantis and the Prayer is a three-piece Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Releasing their first album ‘Butterflies and Demons’ in 2016, they have since gone onto place their music on the soundtrack for the independent movie ‘Queen of Hollywood Blvd’ which was featured on the film festival circuit and had a cinematic release in Los Angeles. Characterized by delicate vocal harmonies and stinging guitars, Mantis and the Prayer present theatrical Rock that deals with themes of tragedy, triumph, love, and loss.