I have to start this review off with an apology. Sometimes the volume of submissions overwhelms us here at Jammerzine and a song, video, or album slips through the cracks. And sometimes, that album is so good that it really becomes a crime. But sometimes we catch them before it’s too late. We have a term here for that. It’s called a “cracked classic”. And that is what Megan Landry’s album is. In every way of the term. You really have to hear these samples to get an idea of the talent behind the music. Also, keep in mind that this woman is a student just starting off in adulthood yet these songs have the depth and feeling of a songwriter that has lived a full life. The songs also have a quirkiness and avant garde appeal to them that harks to the days when alternative was post modern and lyrics meant something to everyone.

Now comes the hard part. How do I pick a favorite? Well… I REALLY LOVE “Human Leather”. I would call that a 21st century “Benny & the Jets” for obvious reasons but the song itself goes much deeper than that in a way that just brings a smile to your face when you hear the song begin. I have seven more favorites in this outing but the opener, “Cut To It” is a perfect opener that defines what is to come. “Yellow At A Funeral” is a radioheadesque adventure with a stellar combination of rhythm and harmony and a burlesque sensibility that can kick-start any musical imagination.

Also, it must be noted that Megan is also a photographer. She did the cover of “Stills” as well. Go to her fanpage on facebook and check out her photos. Her style translates perfectly into image as well as it does in her music. This is one to watch out for.