1. Search and Discover Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  2. Through The Eyes of Deception Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  3. As The Tables Turn Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  4. Contrast of Despair Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  5. Waves Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  6. The Constant Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  7. Echos of Command Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  8. Odyssey Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  9. A Millian Voices Memories In Broken Glass 0:30
  10. Ember Memories In Broken Glass 0:30

Masters of the thunderous rhythm, a.k.a. Memories In Broken Glass, are getting ready to release their upcoming album titled “Enigma Infinite”. The “memories” may be in broken glass but the solid hammerhead beat and seething guitars are firmly in the five members of M.I.B.G.. Take into account the sheer volume of metal that is out there nowadays, this band can rise above the white noise while successfully fending off the label of chameleon. Ever song is solid in it’s own signature way whether it be fast or slow and each musician plays each track as though it were the only one. Bravo!

“Enigma Infinite” will be released January 13th.

Pre-Order Memories In Broken Glass ‘Enigma Infinite’ via Hammer Forged Records Online HERE.

Enigma Infinite
Enigma Infinite

About Memories In Broken Glass
Masterfully syncopated rhythms, luxurious atmosphere, ear grabbing melodies, and a captivating voice: this is what Memories In Broken Glass deliver EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Coming together in 2009, Memories In Broken Glass (MIBG) has been hammering the Texas underground into submission and their plan for 2017, TOTAL DOMINATION.

With 2 solid, well received EP’s, national finalists for Headbang For The Highway competitions not once but twice, frequent SXSW participants, and supporting countless national acts throughout the state; it was clear the group was on its way to great things! With the departure of vocalists Raul Longoria and Mike Joiner, 2014 brought the band to a turning point. There needed to be a change, and the group began the search to fill the void. Fast forward through weeks of submissions, the group finally found “the one”; enter Saul Castillo. With the group filled with new hope and inspiration for the future they began work on the Barriers EP, which was met with very high praise and opened new doors and opportunities for the Texas quintet.

Fast forward approximately 2 years later and the group has partnered up with Hammer Forged Records to release their first full length album Enigma Infinite, set to release January 2017! With the help of long time producer Robert Beltran (Shattered Sun), the group entered the studio with a mission: to not only raise the bar, but to set the standard. Fine tuning their new sound and exploring new sonic horizons, MIBG is poised to make serious waves in the national music scene and take their craft to new heights.

Be sure to catch Memories In Broken Glass blow your minds on the Enigma Infinite Tour along with Of Serpents And Saviors and THE ANSIBLE this January!


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Band Lineup:
Saul Castillo: Vocals
George Garcia: Drums
Mark Martinez: Guitar/Backup Vox
Randy King: Bass/Backup Vox
Justin Garcia : Guitar