1. Flowers Michael Forsyth 1:00
  2. Sink My Teeth Michael Forsyth 1:00
  3. Young Wild & Free Michael Forsyth 1:00
  4. Falling Down Michael Forsyth 1:00
  5. Where Will I Be Michael Forsyth 1:00
  6. Heart Mind Soul Michael Forsyth 1:00
  7. Fire Michael Forsyth 1:00
  8. Stop for the World Michael Forsyth 1:00
  9. Morning Sun Michael Forsyth 1:00
  10. Free from the Shadows Michael Forsyth 1:00

11693802_481839788637699_5033316573703882100_nLast week, not many people outside of a small Scottish town had heard of singer-songwriter Michael Forsyth. This week his second album ‘Stop For the World’ reached number five in the UK iTunes Singer Songwriter chart and is climbing the charts in America, Lithuania, and Nepal with similar success, all through word of mouth.

For Michael Forsyth, it’s only ever been about the music. Whether he is playing it, singing it or seeing his favourite artists in concerts, he lives for it.

Never far from a guitar, Michael’s lyrics and melodies flow quickly and freely and yet despite this innate talent, his sister Kimberley says he has never really known just how good a writer he is. Michael cites his father Colin as his mentor and inspiration. It was Colin who first passed him a guitar and taught him how to play. The guitar soon became an identifying factor throughout the young musician’s hometown of Huntly, Aberdeenshire – “Michael Forsyth, the one that plays guitar?”

Michael spent his school years playing in bands with his friends, performing at charity events, singing outside the local supermarket, singing anywhere. His album is the culmination of years of work, perfecting his playing and putting all his spare time into creating this collection of songs, whether sitting at the kitchen table in his parents’ home or in his garden watching his children at play. Putting pen to paper and letting the lyrics and melodies flow is Michael’s passion.