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  4. Rumble Model M 0:30

Model M has released his new album titled ‘Evil’. Dark and to the point with an emphasis on musically erratic, ‘Evil’ cuts to the chase with a hard edge and no bullshit or filler. Hardcore meets grindcore meets 2-the-core.

About Model M

Ranging from energetic drum and bass to straightforward grunge, industrial and electrometal, Model M’s heavy-hitting music sounds like it belongs in the next action movie.

Model M is the musical project of Terrence Clinton Dick. His heavy, dark, and fiercely textural electronic music weaves modern sounds with guitars and deep bass hits by using oldschool sampling techniques.

Model M’s sizzling combination of unfettered energy and unique industrial rock sound emerged in 1989, from Canadian musician Terrence Clinton Dick’s desire to inspire audiences in the same ways that were pioneered by KMFDM and the Prodigy. At the time, electronic music was vastly underrated and unappreciated – but after extensive experimentation with digital tools and computers, Terrence produced the first Model M album, creating an entirely new musical feel within the genre with a delicious mix of his sonorous vocals enveloped in his own sound design.

Soon after the album’s release, Terrence designed a dynamic live show and started performing in the larger Toronto area. Since then, Terrence has continued to innovate and produce as Model M, creating four more full length albums — each one using the latest sound design and sampling technologies. After securing a solid review from the Georgia Straight paper in Vancouver, the song “War” from his album, “The Eagle,” was picked up and featured in SciFi channel’s movie “Supercollider.”

Terrence currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is gearing up to release a new, dancy and heavy-hitting EP along with the debut of a new live show as soon as venues open up again.