NGUVU deliver that perfect blend of rock and soul among many other genres that showcase their collective talent in their new EP titled ‘Julie’, out July 19th. Each song blends different styles and time signatures with the smooth and sultry vocals of frontwoman Julie E. Gordon (Happy Mondays, Kasabian) that culminate into a luscious bite of audio bliss and an undoubtedly live spectacle.

NGUVU, a word that translates to Power, Energy, and Dynamicity.

Combining a well-rounded style that blends Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Afro-beats, Jazz, and many others, NGUVU is the embodiment of the sum being greater than the parts: it’s its own beast, that feeds on the variety of influences of the musicians and creators involved, to create one, neat, core-hitting package.

Formed in 2017 by drummer and composer Jamal Lewis-Service, NGUVU aims to provide the Manchester and UK scene with a powerful experience, an outfit in which you will find a familiar underlying sound but presented under a unique light.

NGUVU is now proud to present its first studio effort: ‘Julie’, a 4-track EP featuring Manchester legend Julie E. Gordon – who featured in the works of the likes of Happy Mondays, Kasabian, and so many other triple-A acts.

A piece of work that has been in the works for the best part of 2018, now comes to you Live, at Soup Kitchen, with some very special guests!

Band Members:

  • Jamal Lewis-Service- Drums/Percussion/Composer/Musical Director
  • Julie Valentine- Vocals/Writer
  • Tom Le Cocq- Bass
  • Isaac Walbrook- Guitar
  • Giorgio Cacciapuoti- Guitar/synth
  • Joe Stephenson- ALL OF THE SAXES/Production