1. Interlude 1 Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  2. Two Into One Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  3. They Don’t Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  4. Brilliance Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  5. Hope Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  6. Punk Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  7. Left To Right Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  8. Jimmy’s Out Old Man Soul Club 1:43
  9. The Streets Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  10. Modern Jimmy Montague Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  11. Interlude 2 Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  12. Yes You Old Man Soul Club 0:38
  13. Interlude 3 Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  14. Never Loved Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  15. Interlude 4 Old Man Soul Club 0:39
  16. What Good is Anyone Old Man Soul Club 0:39

Old Man Soul Club has released their latest album titled ‘Modern Jimmy’. A quasi-mix of freeform, rock, retro-pop and concept, Old Man Soul Club takes from different eras and adds that original flair that makes them who they are. Steeped in history and brimming with talent, Old Man Soul Club looks forward and helps define this new decade of independent music.

About Old Man Soul Club

Formed in mid 2017 Old Man Soul club released their debut LP ‘Count Your Blessings’ in March 2018, then released an EP and three singles since. After a couple of live shows at Hope Festival and supporting O’Connell and Love of Alabama 3 fame, the band went into the studio to find a sound. The concept was Modern Jimmy.

Band members Dee Slim-Guitar, Jeremy Nobes-Bass, Cheryl Hanshaw-Piano/Keys and Jerome Forman-Drums built a sound around Singer Songwriter Steve Hanshaws songs. Along with Hanshaw producing, recording, editing , acoustic guitar duties, vocals and anything that made a good sound stitched in.

“Modern Jimmy” is drawn from a conversation we were having wondering what may have happened to fictional characters of songs, films, and books and their grandchildren and great grandchildren after the classics were written.

Do they have the same hang ups, similar personalities, have the cycles been eroded or will the circle be unbroken. What had time changed, or has it at all? What happened to these people, imagination or facts, who are they now? Seeing the ‘classic’ in the people we know or knew, also ourselves and how we sit now, modern society and where will it take us now? How does it feel to be a Modern Jimmy?

16 tracks combining New Retro, Vintage, British Psychedelia, Rock, Blues, Singer Songwriter, Field Recordings, Experimental, Electronic, Pop-Punk, Psychedelic Funk, Alternative and by no means least Soul to paint the picture and soundscape of the album.

Influences include, Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The Jam, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Bowie, Parliament, Edgar Jones, Otis Redding, The Who, Charles Bradley, The Beatles to name just a few.

Recorded in various locations, co-produced, mixed and mastered at Church Road Recording Company by Julian Tardo (Insides/Earwig).