1. The Overseer Palais Ideal 0:30
  2. Results Palais Ideal 0:30
  3. Keeping The Faith Palais Ideal 0:30
  4. The Ghosts Are Here Again Palais Ideal 0:30
  5. Static Movement Palais Ideal 0:30
  6. No Sign Of Danger Palais Ideal 0:30
  7. Faintly Falling Palais Ideal 0:30
  8. How Do You Feel Palais Ideal 0:30
  9. Reject The Anaesthetic Palais Ideal 0:30
  10. The Voice Of Reason Palais Ideal 0:30
  11. Anything For A Thrill Palais Ideal 0:30
  12. Age Of Intransigence Palais Ideal 0:30

Palais Ideal has just released their new album titled ‘Negative Space’ via Cold Transition Music. A hyper-super-sonic-psychedelic mix of grit and gaze held within a lucid dream, Palais Ideal makes an ideal record with dashes of electronica and hook added for flavor. This is an album that will become a part of you. That nihilist in us all will quench it’s thirst with audio anarchy as your personal creativeness within gets drenched with mind blowing music. Enough said.

About Palais Ideal

The third album from Palais Ideal, ‘Negative Space’, offers a collection of energetic, melodic, guitar-driven, song-oriented post-punk. The album is strongly inspired by ‘classic’ bands such as The Sound, Buzzcocks, Modern English and Comsat Angels. ‘Negative Space’ appears on Cold Transmission records and features the mixing talents of Pete Burns (Kill Shelter) and has been mastered by Jason Corbett (Actor).

Following cancellation of the band’s 2020 European tour half way through, due to the rapid spread of the pandemic, John Edwards and Richard van Kruysdijk initially felt as if they were ‘in limbo’ – hence the album title. However, this became an opportunity to rethink the band’s sound, and inject a dose of musical and lyrical energy, optimism and hope – much needed in this difficult period.

The release is supported by a European tour with labelmates Syzygyx and Ultra Sunn, which kicks off in February 2022.

Palais Ideal Tour Dates