The Test Drive: Papertowns - With you In MindPapertowns. is a 5-piece rock band that stems from all types of musical background’s. Formed in 2012, originally as a hardcore band, they released one EP titled, Passion/Aggression in May of 2013. They toured on the EP with Vices (Resist Records/AUS) and Hotel Books (Invouge Records) Dec. 13’/Jan. 14′ throughout the southern half of America.

In March of 2014, having made some member changes, decided to change their genre in hopes of creating a more sharable form of music that not only they could enjoy, but many others could enjoy as well.

Beginning in August 14’ they entered Solar Signal Studios and recorded a 6 song EP titled, “With You In Mind” with Zachary Rippy (Engineer/Producer), during such time, toured through the southwest. With a new sound, and mindset, Papertowns. is shaping up to become an up and comer in the industry now freshly signed to Famined Records.