1. Back At The Start Pathos Pathos 1:00
  2. Pet Names Pathos Pathos 1:00
  3. Always In Love Pathos Pathos 1:00
  4. Devil Pathos Pathos 1:00
  5. Summer Nights Pathos Pathos 1:00

It’s in circuses and festivals where every view that greets the eye is spectacular and alluring. Abnormality is celebrated and human dilemma, outside the fair gates, becomes an afterthought.

Beneath these carnival lights, Pathos, Pathos is the search for euphoria along a path obscured by obsession, longing, and doubt. The band’s debut album Familiar Homes focuses on human connection and the interplay between fantasy and truth, between promiscuity and virtue, and between death and ordeal. Familiar Homes highlights the struggles of human optimism in the face of a bleak reality with saccharine splendour and playful zeal.

“Pathos, Pathos is…situated somewhere between Ben Gibbard’s sensitivity and Vampire Weekend’s effervescence…”
Orlando Weekly

“A four-pack of Central Florida indie rock flavour led by Orlando’s Pathos, Pathos, lead singer Matt Walsh’s clear, high-toned vocals wheel and soar over driving instrumentals with dual guitars and tempo changes that feel almost math-y.”
Creative Loafing

“The falsettos and crispy-howls bleeding out of front-man Matt Walsh channel some of the clearer tones comparable to those of Freelance Whales and even some Vampire Weekend with a matchable energy.”
Shows I Go To

“The Orlando-based indie rock band’s music has a mercurial, complex sound. It unfolds layer by layer with repeated spins and when added to their spirited, no-hold-barred live performance, it is undeniably compelling.”
Kat Coffin, AXS


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Live Dates:

  • July 8th: Orlando, FL, Spacebar EP Release/Tour Kick-off Show
  • July 8th – August 2nd: East Coast Tour