1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Kills Razorbats 0:30
  2. Working For The Weekend Razorbats 0:30
  3. Rebel Soul Razorbats 0:30
  4. Little Ms. Crazy Razorbats 0:30
  5. Big Time Razorbats 0:30
  6. The City Razorbats 0:30
  7. Cocaine Karma Razorbats 0:30
  8. White Trash Radio Razorbats 0:30
  9. Venice Razorbats 0:30
  10. Nightcrawlers Razorbats 0:30

Razorbats have officially today released their new album titled ‘Mainline Rock ‘N’ Roll’. Multiple eras clash in multiple ways and collide with originality in this new album that showcases Razorbats’ songwriting and musicianship. There isn’t a single song that doesn’t deserve a footstomp or a headbang in a solid rock album with signature riffs and distinct hooks. This is an anthem as much as it is an album.

About ‘Mainline Rock ‘N’ Roll’

The road to hell is full of temptations and as prolific rockers, Razorbats never shy away from temptation. Although temperatures above 37 Celsius on Bloody Beach and perpetual sodomy by Beelzebub in a blazing inferno may not be more tempting than watching “The Masked Singer” with the family on a Saturday night. It is still something profound that drives otherwise sane people to spend large parts of their lives in a foul-smelling van from the early 80’s. It is of course the joy of giving people a break from power-hungry bosses, naggy life partners, overwhelming debt and other crap one may have in life. Because maybe it is worth living life a little before Satan gets his eternal cuddle?

The previous album was followed by a rough touring schedule, that culminated in an existential crisis for the band after a concert with all the usual extracurricular activities. As the sun was coming up things were thrown, some words were said and Razorbats were basically finished. It was quiet in the van the next day. The question everyone asked themselves was “what the hell drives us to sacrifice so much for rock ’n’ roll, and is it worth it?” In such a situation, most other bands would probably call it a day, but in the Razorbats camp this question ignited a spark in the rock ’n’ roll engine. They were going to make the ultimate party album about life as rockers!

Mainline Rock ‘N’ Roll tells stories of big dreams, partying, temptations, break ups and social stigma. Universal themes that are part of the life you choose as a rock soldier. The album is a tribute to the rocker lifestyle and life should be a party! So join us for a ride to the dark side! It can get pretty damn hot here, but it is a lot more fun than watching “The Masked Singer” on TV!

About Razorbats

Norway’s Razorbats are one of the most entertaining bands in The New Wave of Scandirock. Heavily inspired by 70s rock bands such as Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick and KISS, with elements of 80s hair metal and 90s pop punk. Razorbats’ music is a thrilling homage to the golden age of rock ’n’ roll

The band first received international attention with the release of their debut album «Camp Rock» in 2015, and critics from all over Europe, Australia and the US praised their unique ability to blend classic rock, powerpop and punk in exiting ways. The lead single «Kids of the 70s» got a lot of airplay on rock radio across Europe and college radio in the US, in addition to national radio back home. Camp Rock was named album of the year by a US rock zine and featured on several year-end lists in 2015. The hype continued with the album “II” in 2018.

Razorbats has toured Scandinavia and the UK several times. In addition to countless headline shows, they have shared the stage with artists such as The Offspring, Rise Against, The Wildhearts and Michael Monroe at festivals and clubs home and abroad. Over several years of touring, Razorbats have developed into a hard hitting live band, entertaining audiences across Europe with their sing along rock anthems.