The band is Red Shelter, founded in 2010; the initial dream is common to almost all bands … to make music together, for the passion and the fun, realised by covering the bands and songs that have influenced these four musicians, and painted their musical backgrounds. After a while they developed the desire to create their own ideas, to do so in their own language and through their disillusioned, cynical and ironic vision of the reality that surrounded them. What is born is a fresh and powerful groove, bouncing on infectious melodies … enhanced by the scratch of the guitars, woven together by the pulse of the rhythm sections synths and keyboards! The lyrics are direct, no-nonsense, and speak of hidden desires, embarrassing situations woven by life’s experiences. They achieve this with heartfelt lyrics often irreverent, soaked in humour, tinged with anger and silent screams. In short, of everything that encapsulates the band and its members … Written in English because that is the language that the band musically speaks … that musically pulse’s through their veins!