Rosewood was founded in 2017 in Espoo Finland as Antti-Jussi Valkama’s purpose to create a full-length album. He had a force necessary to write quite easier music by his own rules and ideas after growling as a vocalist in a heavy-metal band for years.

After two years this one-man-commando-squad releases its debut album Dying Kiss Of Goodbyes. Punk-flavored and simple pop-rock 40-minutes-length album contain 10 tracks. Album obeys the creator’s ambition, person and sound. Valkama has collected a little bit of dark and cemetery-feeling contented ideas for ten years formulating his expression fitting Rosewood’s sound and style.

Valkama has played and recorded all instruments alone and worked with a session female backing-vocalist. The album was mixed and mastered at Fantom Studio in Finland by Samu Oittinen in spring 2019.

Nowadays Rosewood has a live line-up and the band has played a couple of gigs in Southern Finland. Rosewood’s quite spontaneously started story continues with well-experienced musicians. Valkama continues making music next year with easy rock’n roll & punk stuff.