1. Crystal Pylon Rude Audio 1:00
  2. Knockemdub Rude Audio 1:00
  3. Half Moon Lane Glitter Rude Audio 1:00
  4. User Rude Audio 1:00

Electronic in simplicity and eclectic by execution, Rude Audio have delivered a sonic dreamscape of longing and yearning for the days of good House/Electronica, because that what this is. With memorable beats, thrillpacked rhythms, and a keen ear to bass and melody, Rude Audio actually make being rude pleasing to the ears. Bravo!

“Rudest” drops June 7th via Zirkus Records.


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Photo by Philip Ratcliff.
Photo by Philip Ratcliff.

About Rude Radio
Rude Audio are proud to announce their newest Rudest EP, due for release on June 7 through Zirkus Records. Featuring four tracks, this new release sees the band refining their trademark sound, and fusing their love of woozy dub with throbbing electronics.

Crystal Pylon demonstrates Rude Audio’s ability to weave the kind of hypnotic, Balaeric spell that merges an early 90s sensibility with something shiny and new. Knockemdub takes their Radio 6 championed tune Knockemdead, which featured the dulcet tones and melodic sound of rising star Eucalypta LV and rams it through the dubby, smoke filled orgone accumulator that comprises the collective’s hidden studio basement in the back streets of south east London, to produce a mutant dub monster with half an eye on the appalling political melee that is Britain in 2016. Half Moon Lane Glitter reflects the band’s love of short and sweet stomp-a-thons – pulsating electronics meet staccato piano, uptown. User taps into their oldest love, crunchy, chugging, dubby analogue sounds, to create something that operates in the hinterland between melodic and relentless.

Photo by Philip Ratcliff.
Photo by Philip Ratcliff.

This DJ and production collective range in age from 19-53 with origins rooted in the gutters of south London and north east England. Historically, they have put on brilliant underground parties, created critically acclaimed electronic music, engineered for top artists and generally popped up at events with an open-minded underground ethos.

To date Rude Audio have three distinctly dubby and balaeric releases, which have garnered radio play and support from the likes of Don Letts, Tom Robinson, Gideon Coe and Nemone on Radio 6, Max Reinhardt on Radio 3, Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 and John Kennedy on XFM. They have also recently remixed the single Off The Drop for Bedford Falls Players, which is set for release this summer, and have produced music for End Recordings.

Rude Audio have also previously released music as part of Unusual & Electric, where they were championed by Coldcut, Laurent Garnier, Kris Needs, received support from BBC Radio DJs Nemone, Rob da Bank and Gideon Coe, as well as Drowned In Sound and Clash Music.

Rude Audio includes Mark Ratcliff (arrangement, production and keyboards), Amanda Greatorex (vocals and lyrics), Eucalypta LV (guest vocals), Lamis Harper (piano and keys), Tony Shea (guitar and ostrich guitar), and Owain Lloyd (mixing desk and lyrics), who just finished up a tour with Paul Weller and began a new one with Stereophonics.

Currently, Rude Audio are hosts and residents at Kentish Town’s Flaxon Ptootch, an underground music and gallery space where they DJ and play alongside special guests to soundtrack monthly free shindigs that have cult status, among those in the know. Obscure music verging on the weird and wonderful is presented by artists ranging from The Chemical Brothers and Patrick Forge, who played in March, The Guvnor Andrew Weatherall in April, to be followed by Jakwob in May. Diverse DJs and producers regularly drop in, dig deep and play anything they desire, with no music policy restrictions to adhere to. It’s within this off the beaten track music and art venue that the EP’s tunes have been refined and road-tested.