Beats and groove abound with Shining Dust’s new release titled “Mirror”. What makes this album solid, in my opinion, is that there is no filler at all. Somewhat subtle in its attack “Mirror” successfully achieves sonic bliss with the very undertones and essence of each track. This is not an album that gets in your face, mind you. “Mirror” is an album designed to define that special moment in your life to become the future soundtrack to your memories.

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About Shining Dust & “Mirror”
The Test Drive: Shining Dust - MirrorShining Dust is an Electropop Music Project born in Milan in September 2013 as a new dimension of sound, language, & live performance. Shining Dust was founded, developed and edited by Alessandro Vitaloni (vocals, lyrics, guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, sound engineering, computer/MIDI programmin g and iPad live set up)

Mirror is the debut album of Shining Dust, a musical project born in Milan, founded, developed and edited by Alessandro Vitaloni (vocals, lyrics, guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, sound engineering, computer programming and iPad) in collaboration with Marco Zanchet (guitars, keyboards, sound engineering). Shining Dust derives from the new wave scene / synthpop.

The main desire and goal is to revise, expand and develop the traditional concepts of composition and musical arrangements. Thanks to the great eclecticism of the duo, the strong passion of Alessandro for the mix of various musical origins, to his great interest for ethnic music combined with electronics and his constant search for new sounds, rhythms and languages, Shining Dust begins programming on computer and iPad to create original preset drum machines, virtual effects, keyboards and ethnic instruments that are perfectly matching traces of traditional instruments like guitars and basses both during production phase and live performances.

The result of all this is “Mirror”: an album that mixes electro-pop, trip hop and EDM. Although the reference background is mainly contemporary English music, there are obvious elements of new wave and synthpop 80s together with some inserts of ethnic music such as samba. The eclecticism and ethnicity musical “Mirror” is also evident in his lyrics written in four different languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) to create a universal Shining Dust message and to optimize the fusion between metric and rhythmic language.

The production process of Mirror began in September 2013 with the recording and mixing of the first songs with a new wave inspiration up to the recording of more electronic songs in the last months of 2014 when Alessandro finished studying the MIDI universe. Mirror was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Paolo Messere from Seahorse Recordings.

“Ligereza” (which is undoubtedly the ideal language to communicate the concept) is the first single from Shining Dust.