Shower Curtain has today released the new EP titled ‘Something Instead’. Part lo-fi and part dream pop, with melody and hooks throughout, Shower Curtain, a.k.a. Victoria Winter, gives that signature sound a bit of the feels with her quiet way and contemplative introversion endearing itself into our record collection. Please tell me this is on vinyl.

‘Something Instead’ is out today via Balaclava Records.

About Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain is a project by Victoria Winter, a Brazillian/American artist currently based in New York City. The project encompasses dreamy vocals and guitar clearly influenced by dream pop elements, but also consists of stripped down guitar sounds of the classic Indie sound.

Shower Curtain also carries the classic influences of bedroom pop not only in the sounds and lyrics of the songs, but also in previous music videos and art surrounding the project. Something Instead is the third EP for Shower Curtain, featuring some heavier distortions and sounds, showing growth from the lo fi aesthetic and bringing a clear maturity to the project.

Featured image by Lizzie Soufleris.