Sinners Moon was founded by guitarist & composer LukeN in 2010, who started it as an independent project along with his former band. Afterwards he decided to concentrate only on Sinners Moon, so he asked his friend Derick and singer Martina to join him, to record some tracks with taste of his growl vocals. It worked pretty well so they decided to start Sinners Moon as a band officially. In 2011 LukeN started to work on a few songs, meanwhile Andrea, Viktor & Jarthuusen joined the band on vocals, bass & keyboards, the most important part. Due to a missing drummer, they started to look for the best guy, and after few months of looking they found Matej, who was pretty good for his only 16 years.

In 2012 They started to rehearse new songs along with some older stuff and they made few shows with line up Andrea – vocals, Derick – growl, Jarthuusen – keyboards, LukeN -guitars, Viktor – Bass & Matej -drums. After these shows band decided to record an official release, but soon after this decision, Matej decided to leave the band in early 2013 due to his personal matters. After that, band once again was in need of a drummer, now also for recording purposes so they decided to ask their friend Mort to learn the stuff for recording.

Recording of the first album took place in february 2014 in Grapow Studios where the drums were recorded by Mort. Next few months also guitars and bass were recorded. Andrea also decided to finish due to her personal reasons after recording of the album so they started to look for replacement of main singer as well. In the middle of 2014 they found Andrej, young drummer who was asked to replace Matej on stage, but unfortunately that last just 3 months and he left before his first show due to his school reasons.

Meanwhile they found new female singer, Andrea’s replacement, Simona, who was singing with another band that time. She decided to try, also recorded all album vocals, and fitted into the band perfectly. Also Mort was asked to join the band until the full replacement is found. They started to play live again with updated line up of

Simona – vocals
Derick – growl
LukeN – guitars
Jarthuusen – keys
Viktor – bass
Mort – drums

Composer & lyricist Lukáš Navrátil tells about the album: “Album itself keeps the message of hope, lost & found, from my point of view as a composer but it might be possible to find another different meanings as you listen to it song by song. We recorded the album in Grapow studios in Slovakia for the best sound and best metal experience possible that we could get and so, hopefully we got it. Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) as a guest singer for “My Servant” song was honestly the first and the only choice. Since I was composing the song I had his voice in my head but still couldn’t really imagine him to sing it. But I was kinda “stubborn kid” in that and now I see it was worth it. After a while he accepted to be the part of the song, I think that this is going to be the most interesting thing on the album. It really means something huge to me as a fan of him and Sonata Arctica.”

Atlantis is released April 10th 2015 by Finnish label Inverse Records.