All In...
All In…

They say “you only live once” and four boys from Huntington Beach California took those words to heart. Static Fiction formed in late 2011 with the intention to record the best pop punk album of all time and that’s exactly what they did. Founding member Paul Lapinsky (vox, guitar) sat down with fellow band mates and said “I think we should start a band where we try and accomplish everything we ever wanted in the music industry”, Adam responded with “I want a Ryan Greene recording”. Eight months later were deciding what to name it. Justin Herter (long time friend of Paul and ripping guitar player) joined a few weeks after the conversation.

Three months after writing songs, they decided to make the call, however, how do you get a hold of one of the biggest producers of all time? Ill tell ya..You drive to Tempe Arizona, sneak backstage at an Authority Zero show and beg the lead singer for Ryan Greens number, so thats exactly what they did (thanks Jason). Ryan Greene (inspired by their enthusiasm) agreed to take on the project even though they still had no bass player. One stipulation…..get a bass player. Paul called long time friend Ryan Brown (bass) and the rest is history…..Almost. So After our E.P was Finished we had so upsetting news, Adam would soon be leaving the band due to personal reasons. We didn’t have much time to find a drummer so Professional drummer, and long time friend of all the members ,Jason Garrison(20 dead flower children, droid, Fine white china) stepped in and we picked up right where we left off.

Working with such musicians as Rob Ramos(strung out), Mike Herrera (MxPx), Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult) and Aaron Barrett(reel big fish) has been exciting for them. Its been for nice for them to finally be able to do what they love and have their heroes support.

They plan on making a dent in music history! So with out further ado ladies and gentleman….Static Fiction!

Static Fiction Are:
Paul Lapinsky – Vocals/Guitar
Noah Dunbar – Guitar
Ryan Brown – Bass
Derek Goodwin – Drums