1. Two Faced The Hynx 0:30
  2. Dagger The Hynx 0:30
  3. Mr. Zero The Hynx 0:30
  4. Moonlight Lullaby The Hynx 0:30
  5. The Last Laugh The Hynx 0:30
  6. Your Tomorrow The Hynx 0:30

The Hynx has released their new album titled ‘Your Tomorrow’. A vivid set of sounds in songs that crash and collide with such vibrance and subtle symphony that the experimentation within the creative process can drop the jaws of those fellow musicians looking for inspiration.

‘Your Tomorrow’ has that ‘post modern’ feel via a mix of lite shoegaze and modern dreampop with hooks ranging from simple to cascading within the song. This is signature.

About The Hynx

Stark dichotomy is not often a musical aspiration. The Hynx (pronounced The Hinks), a four-piece band from the US Midwest, strive to write music with such a balance. The band melds a swirling soundscape of lush guitars with a pulsating rhythm section and powerful, soulful vocals to create atmospheric music rich with drama, hooks and explorations into the human experience.

Their 6-song, debut mini-LP, Your Tomorrow was produced by Terry Bickers (guitarist of shoegaze pioneers, The House Of Love). Bickers was the perfect producer for the band as his own material strikes a compelling balance between experimental tones and accessible rock n roll songs like The Hynx.

“When i first heard the rough mixes, I sensed that this was going to be something very special,” recalls Bickers. “Musically and lyrically The Hynx paint vivid pictures, which are on a par with the best. It has been a great experience working with the band!”

The mini-LP was mastered by Simon Scott ( drummer of shoegaze legends Slowdive). Simon helped enhance the psychedelic wall of sound while maintaining the pop sensibilities of the quartet’s material.

“The band wanted to write music that was both voluminous yet memorable,” says bassist Robert Moore. “We wanted the listener to hear different things the more they played the record..to come for the hooks but stay for the layered tone and texture.”

Your Tomorrow is available on vinyl, short run of CDs and digitally via self release.
In Europe, Your Tomorrow is released in multiple formats via Shore Dive Records