The Peace Life are a married couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota who have already established their unique brand of euphoric Folk music through the independent release of two albums and a single. Their latest album ‘Jupiter Beach’ features seven original tracks with cover artwork designed and hand-painted by Tessa. Jack plays the majority of instruments on the album, including rhythm and lead guitar, drums, percussion and saxophone.

The Peace Life strive to spread positive and peaceful vibrations through their potent blend of retro Folk Rock, Jazz and World Music with a modern twist. With a knack for mind-bending, poetical and meaningful lyrics, O’Connor’s songwriting delves into the mystical cosmos, influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, John Lennon, Elliott Smith, King Tubby, Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

“Ain’t love beauteous? It sure can be…that’s what’s at the center of ‘Ethenogen’ from The Peace Life, the Twin Cities’ premier euphoria folk duo.”
Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages

“It soon became apparent…they possess a kitschy wit and genuine passion for their craft.”
Tim Kennedy, MinnyApple

“Loving what you got to say and the sweet, cool way you deliver it…”
Mike White, Mike White Presents, London, UK

“The group’s social conscience comes through in their music…a core body of work I think you are going to want to follow.”
DJ Dewglass, Liquidmusicblogosphere