The Roseline has today released their new album titled ‘Constancy’. Feeling like an old companion about to accompany you on a long and interesting road trip, ‘Constancy’ becomes that soundtrack to the adventure and the solace to the loneliness with a set of ten tracks that are as individual as family members coming together after a long time apart.

About The Roseline

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, The Roseline embodies the ethos of their lone liberal college town, which sits in a big, rectangular red state. “I’ve always romanticized the flat horizon line and the big sky. It’s an environment that feels a bit like our music; familiar but unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

With a sound that conjures up Conor Oberst fronting The Band, it’s no wonder glowing reviews for The Roseline have popped up on NPR, PopMatters, American Songwriter and No Depression. Between 2007-2021, they dropped seven full-length albums, supporting acts like Langhorne Slim, Dylan Leblanc and Ryan Bingham. They also saw their songs synced to ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and ‘Resurrection’, USA’s ‘Queen of the South’, and MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’.

Constancy is the sound of a midwestern folk rock band firing on all cylinders. This is the second full-length album they have released during our global pandemic, and possibly their most diverse and accomplished collection of songs. Fictional narratives and intimate confessions are weaved together and bathed in cosmic mystique. Band spearhead Colin Halliburton explains, “There’s something to be said for stubborn perseverance. Good things can come from the simple act of showing up over and over again. For your day job, your love life, your children, your side hustle. That’s where the idea of ‘constancy’ comes from for me.”

The Roseline’s label, King Forward Records, helped foster a love for the band in western Europe and they have been keen to target the Benelux as things open up again. After the release of their new album, Constancy, they will embark on a full-band tour of Scandinavia, booked by Rootsy Music (Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earle, American Aquarium).