This is the second EP this year from Dorset based Country/Punk 8 piece The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show and it’s another absolute killer.

After the success of the worldwide attention of ‘A Snake’s A Snake’, the ramshackle collective is back with their brand new EP and lead single from it ‘Float Your Boat’.

‘Float Your Boat’ is a music lovers anthem. It celebrates a few of the many diverse musician’s that have influenced The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show. Desmon Dekker, Dolly Parton and Nick Cave are just a few of the wonderful singers who get the nod of respect from the band in the song. Some might call them muso’s and that’s fine by them.

‘Putting On A Show’ is a song about the never-ending search for an effort to maintain identity, how that keeps slipping away and needing to be rebuilt and the energy that consumes.

‘Violent and Sad’, tells the tale of trying to be creative whilst growing up in a tough area as a young person.

‘I Met A Wolf’, is about wishing to be wild and finding out that you are tame. It’s about the difference between who you would like to be and who you really are and the tension that it causes.

Summer is finally here and The Two Man Medicine Show are here to soundtrack it.