This is one of those rare moments when an album comes across my Outlook and I listen to it and I think to myself “They get it.” This is one of those times. Sombre and eloquent. Melodic and thoughtful. I could go on but you would stop reading. These are the initial impressions I get while listening to “For Margaret”, the new album by The Verigolds. The songs each meld into one another as the album progresses with the gentle care of a weathered storyteller placing you in a state of captivation awaiting the next verse from his lips. Well done!

Do yourself a favor and check out The Verigolds new album “For Margaret” HERE.


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About the Verigolds
The Test Drive: The Verigolds - For MargaretSan Diego Indie rockers The Verigolds create music that is inspired by the wind that crosses between the beaches and deserts of Southern California.

The Verigolds started performing by collaborating with artist Celeste Byers whose vibrant, psychedelic, and dream-filled art was a perfect fit for the hippie, vibrant, eclectic scene of Ocean Beach, California. The Verigolds’ sound channels the energy of this hippie enclave, ranging from folk woods experimentation to psychedelic dance groove.

With the anthemic haunting vocals of Jenna Cotton matched with the intricate guitar of Eliot Ross, creative flowing phrases of Ben Smedley on the keys and the soul/punk groove of drummer Craig Schreiber, the music explodes with originality and life. Experimentation with new synths, pedals, and vocals has led the band to a more dazzling sonic spectacle that turns the body and spirit on.

“Mixing elements from indie rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, and alternative rock, The Verigolds are a modern blend of timeless sounds.” The Huffington Post