The Wild Blue are set to drop their new album titled ‘Anonymous Future’ on July 24th. Post-Punk has a fresh perspective with this album in that there is a solid mix of electronic, gritty guitars, grounded bass, and signature sounded vocals. This is one of those albums that bring the noise with emotion and follow with a dark peek into the minds of madness.

About The Wild Blue

NYC-based Post Punk quartet consists of Edward Martinez (guitar), Camilo Pabon (drums), Zach Dalva (vocals), and Heather Kite (synthesizer). Each member contributes a unique background of life, musical experience, and taste. Styles that both directly and subconsciously influence The Wild Blue’s sound range from classic Punk to Gospel, Indie Rock to Shoegaze, and Progressive Rock to Post-Punk. With a nod to Mancunian bands such as The Smiths and The Fall, this is their new EP Anonymous Future